Hearing Screening:
Hearing Aid Evaluation and Prescription
Hearing Aid Fitting and Verification
Onsite repairs and services for Hearing Aids
Information Workshops on Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids
Aural Rehabilitation
Ototoxic Monitoring
Cerumen (wax) and foreign object removal from ear


Specialty Services:
Tinnitus assessment, measurement and consultation
Tinnitus Retraining Therapy
Hyperacusis assessment, measurement and de-sensitization therapy
Individual Focused Counselling Sessions
Workshop  on Tinnitus Generators and Management
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
Community Information Seminars


Hearing Aids
Assistive/Augmentative Listening Devices
Alerting Devices
Hearing Aid Batteries
Hearing Aid Accessories
Table Top Sound Generators
Custom Musician, Noise and Swim plugs
Custom Made Industrial Noise Protection
Custom Molds for iPod and MP3 players

Services offered in English and Italian.
House-call or offsite service available upon request.